Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Bick Copter 1.0 - Failure to launch

So as mentioned in my previous post, in this post I will cover my first attempt to build the Raspberry Pi based Quad Copter. So in my first attempt I managed to burn my Pi on day 1. You should never connect power over pins and USB at the same time. I learned it the hard way. So after my second Pi arrived I've started by turning LEDs on and off (this his where everyone who has no knowledge in electronics should start). So I was feeling pretty good by then and I tackled the motor controller.

Using code samples form Adafruit I've managed to get my PWM/Servo Driver up and running pretty quickly and soon I was spinning my motors up and down. 
Then came accelerometer and the gyro. I've manager to get the accelerometer working but gyro data didn't make sense. I've tried reading the data sheet and using my own code to read the sensor data. I've also tried porting Adruino code to Raspberry, but somehow I couldn't get the gyro working. Now thinking back, I think it might have been something as simple as missing rad/s to deg/s conversion. 
Nonetheless I tried to get my quad flying without sensors or flight controller of any kind. Needless to say, it's a terrible idea. Shredded my first set of rotors and parked the project indefinitely.

In the next post I'll cover my current quadcopter status and perhaps will post a video or two.

Got the LEDs nice and blinking. Motors spinning. Gyro no worky. Crashed. Project - on hold

Happy Hacking!

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