Sunday, 8 June 2008

Binging to User Settings in WPF

Recently I've been having this programming issue. I need to solve programming problems that I've solved before, but i just can't remember how exactly i did it. This irritates the hell out of me. So what i try to do is trace back my steps, try to remember keywords that I've used to find solution the first time. Google Web History helps sometimes, but this is definitely wrong way to go about it. So i figured I'll just blog solutions to my programming problems and then everybody will be happy :). The next time I need to refresh my memory I'll just have to check my blog. Haha! Perfect!

Okay so on to today's issue, this is an easy one. WPF Binding to User Settings. Just set Binding Source to x:Static Properties:Settings.Default and binding path to settings name like this:

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saxon said...

I pick the same strategy as you.

I'll blog the things I learn.
Though it's time consuming, it easier for future recall/refresh

any hints to preserve syntax of different language (html)?